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Key tasks and objectives

About privatization in terms of affiliated companies

"Samruk-Energo" JSC

«NAC «Kazatomprom» JSC

"NC "Kazakhstan temir zholy" JSC

JSC NC “KazMunayGas”


Informecial about Privatization Program for 2014-2016

Videotutorial on Privatization Program site

Asset privatization process

Instruction for a buyer

Assets for privatization

Principle of privatization

Significance of the Privatization Program

Video interview

Elena Bakhmutova: Key goals and peculiarities of privatization program for 2014-2016

Prerequisites and significance of privatization for the economy

Legal aspects of privatization

Mechanisms for ensuring transparency of privatization

Key aspects of privatization for “NC “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy” JSC

Key aspects of privatization for “NC”KazMunaiGas” JSC

Key aspects of privatization program for “NC “Kazakhstan engineering” JSC

Key aspects of privatization program in “NAC” Kazatomprom” JSC

Key aspects of privatization program in “Samruk-Energo” JSC

Rapid-fire questions

Serikbek Elshibekov about privatised enterprises

Nurlan Rakhmetov about feedback from the potential buyers

Serikbek Elshibekov about meaning of privatization

Nurlan Rakhmetov about afterlife of unrealized assets

Serikbek Elshibekov about criteria for choosing appraisal companies

Nurlan Rakhmetov about Commissions for sale of the assets

Nurlan Rakhmetov about attitude to privatization of employees of the assets for sale

Serikbek Elshibekov about reasons for choosing platform

Nurlan Rakhmetov about interest of the buyers to the presented assets

Nurlan Rakhmetov about the process of realization of assets and its efficiency